Puzzling Escapes

Solve the puzzles to escape these books!

Inspired by escape rooms, Puzzling Escapes locks the reader in a rich and fascinating scenario full of riddles and clues. Grab a pencil and a group of friends—or jump in alone—and try to escape. Solve the wide variety of puzzles in any order, all in one go or in several sittings. If you get stuck, you can ask your companion David for a hint or even have him solve the puzzle for you. Everything is contained in this book, so there’s no need for a special app or internet connection.

These books require:
  • a pen or pencil
  • scissors or careful tearing
  • one or more puzzle enthusiasts
  • tape (optional)
  • a few hours for fun

Trapped in the Bookstore

In the historic part of town sits a quaint little bookstore, Athena Booksellers. You and your friend David decide to go inside when you get caught in a sudden downpour. However, only a few minutes later, everyone has left and the doors are locked. With no way of contacting anyone outside, you must solve the puzzles scattered around the bookstore in order to escape.

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Return to the Cruiseship from a Deserted Island

Is there anything more relaxing than a cruise to the Caribbean? Wanting to add some excitement to your tropical vacation, you book a shore excursion that promises adventure. Instead, only one other person, a fellow cruiser named Amala, shows up and your guide decides to cancel the planned activity and takes you both to an exclusive, private island. However, when you decide to return to the cruise ship, you learn that your boat has run out of gas. You must search for a way to escape, learning the secrets of the deserted island along the way.

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The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane

What was supposed to be a simple visit to an old house has turned into a nightmare. As soon as you get inside, the door slams shut behind you, leaving you and your friend Bang trapped. As you struggle to find a way back out, strange things keep happening, and you're pretty sure you saw a ghost. Will you be able to solve all the puzzles to escape the haunted house or will you get trapped forever?

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Mystery of the Spaceship and the Missing Crew

The crew on the Oort 7200 Spaceship mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago. Since then, brave travelers have navigated to the abandoned ship, but none have ever returned. Despite the rumors surrounding the Oort 7200, you and your friend Astrid decide it would be fun to investigate the ship. But as soon as you're inside, the doors lock and the power fails. Can you find all the clues and solve each puzzle, or will you succumb to the same fate as the other adventure seekers who dared enter the Oort 7200?

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