May 27, 2016

A Snapshot of my Writing

Whenever the kids are sleeping, or happily playing in the back yard, or just chasing the cat, I sneak away to type a couple paragraphs for my current novel. There are now four novels at various levels of completion sitting on my hard drive. That means I can call myself a writer now, right?

I'm trying to find a literary agent using my first novel. Trying to find an agent is... something else. I've made this beautiful novel which I've hacked down to a one page sales pitch, or query. I've tried to be targeted in the agents I've sent a query to, but waiting for a response (when no response means they aren't interested) is nerve wracking. It's been a month, and I haven't heard anything back. So to distract myself, I've been working on this new book.

Meanwhile, I'll sit with the kids, building towers with blocks, checking my email every 30 minutes to see if an agent has emailed me yet.

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