March 23, 2020

Quality DNA Now Available as Audiobook

It feels like I got the ball rolling on this project just the other day, but in reality, I started seriously looking into creating an audiobook for one of my novels in January. Instead of starting with my debut book, I decided to do my favorite novel, Quality DNA. Fortunately, the process went really smoothly: I quickly found the perfect narrator, she did an amazing job recording and producing the audio, and now it's available on Amazon! If you'd like to grab a copy, it's available here:

I can't fully express how excited I am about this endeavor. I've spoken to so many people who have much more time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts than to read a physical book, so I hope this helps some new people discover my work. If Quality DNA does well in audiobook, I'll look into doing this for some of my other books as well.

March 16, 2020

Free Book for Quarantine

I’m pretty bummed right now. In Maryland, schools will be closed for the next two weeks and large gatherings have been prohibited. That means my next event, Four State Comic Con, had to cancel their show. Then, the Great Philadelphia Comic Con decided to postpone until labor day. Doing these events are the highlight of my career; I get to meet fans, network with fellow creators, and make some money.

To help those in a similar situation—stuck at home with nothing to do--I’ve decided to offer my novel Mental Contact for free this week from March 16-20. I know this time will be financially taxing for a lot of people, and the last thing I want to do is make a sleazy cash grab. So if you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and grab a free copy.

I hope you stay healthy and safe in the weeks to come. Take care. ❤️

January 20, 2020

New Project: Journals

I feel like I have a million irons in the fire—many of which I’m not quite ready to share. But, I’ve got a new venture I’d like to announce!

One of the creative parts that I love about producing books is making gorgeous covers, and as a writer, I use a lot of journals. So, I decided to combine these two in order to create a line of journals that will be available through Amazon. To keep these new journals separate from my novels and puzzle books, I will be publishing them under a new brand: Journalu Press.

I’ve read a lot about publishing journals, and through my research, I have found countless self-publishers who create diaries, notebooks, bullet journals, planners, etc. My plan is to bring something unique to the table—or at least cool. There are already some pretty crazy items on the market, like this kitten riding a sloth riding an alpaca. My initial lineup contains some simple designs in a variety of bright colors. I’m also open to suggestions if there’s a type of journal you would like to see!

December 16, 2019

Flash Fiction: Advent Calendar

I thought I'd try something a little different and share a flash fiction piece I recently wrote. So, to get into the holiday spirit, here's a story about a woman who finds something surprising in her strange advent calendar.

Advent Calendar

When I bought the advent calendar from Mr. Thompson's antique shop, I had thought it would be empty. My intentions were to fill it with candies and small gifts for my eight-year-old niece. However, when I opened the first drawer, I was surprised to find a pack of mints. None of the other drawers would open for me, so I tossed the mints in my purse and went about my day. They had come in handy when the regional manager came into my office—I tossed a few in my mouth to mask my coffee breath which in turn gave me the confidence to speak with the manager about a few concerns I had on a particular project.

As had become my habit each morning, I opened the fourteenth drawer on December 14th. Every day I had gotten something that I ended up needing throughout the day, so I was particularly shocked to find a compact gun inside. I quickly pulled it out and tossed it in my purse. I wasn't sure if it was loaded or not. I had never even touched a gun before, let alone fire one. Paranoia washed over me. My plans for the day were to go to the mall and pick up holiday gifts for the last few people on my list—including my niece. What would happen at the mall today? Would I have to shoot someone?

I shuddered at the thought as I pulled on my coat. Every item in the calendar had been useful, but they were all mundane objects which could be used in a variety of situations. I was reading too much into this. There was no such thing as a magical advent calendar that somehow predicts what I'll need that day.

Nothing eventful happened until that evening. I was supposed to get dinner with my boyfriend Greg at a popular restaurant, but when we got there, it was absolutely mobbed.

"Why don't we go see a movie first?" he suggested, gesturing toward the movie theater next door.

I shrugged. "The theater looks pretty packed, too."

"We can see something that's been out for a while."

I nodded. We'd likely need to wait a few hours to get a seat at the restaurant anyways.

Once we were in line with our tickets to get inside, I suddenly recalled the weapon in my purse. There was a security guard looking through everyone's bags. I needed to do something.

"Greg," I whispered. "I need to go to the car real fast."

"We're almost inside. Can it wait?"

"No, it can't."

He raised a single brow and frowned a bit. "What do you need from the car?"

I stood up onto my toes so I could whisper right in his ear without being overheard. "I have a gun in my purse."

"You have a gun?!" he said, much too loudly. He immediately stepped away from me.

I had no time to explain before the security guard was right behind me. "Ma'am, you need to come with me."

He led me to a room at the back that was labeled "Employees Only." When asked, I gave him my bag and he looked inside. "Why would you bring a gun into the movie theater?"

"I forgot it was in there," I answered honestly.

"I'm going to call the police, and you and I will wait here together until they arrive."

I sighed heavily. Not only was the item I got today from the calendar not useful, but it was actually ruining my day. After what felt like forever, a few police officers joined us in the claustrophobic break room and asked me a bunch of questions. I was so nervous and scared, I could barely understand what the said to me after declaring I was under arrest.

With zip ties around my wrist, I walked with them out the break room and through the theater. I saw Greg standing next to the concession stand, and when he saw me, he followed us out of the theater while shouting at the officers to let me go.

Outside, one of the policemen led me to the car while the other tried to calmly explain the situation to my now irate boyfriend.

A sudden flash of light blinded me, followed by a loud boom that felt like a kick in the chest. Fire and smoke poured from the windows and out the top of the theater. The officer who had been talking to Greg grabbed his radio and started shouting into it, while the other one ran toward chaos, shouting instructions to the terrified crowd of people.

The first officer glanced quickly at me and said, "You can go." Greg and I immediately took off and I got in his car.

My wrists were still bound by the zip ties, but that wasn't the most pressing thing in my mind. "Let's get out of here," I said.

Only after getting home and heating up a frozen pizza did the reality of what happened hit me. That gun saved my life.