June 28, 2016

The Start of Revisions

I've gotten to the point where I've sent out queries to all the literary agents I've been considering and participated in a few Twitter Pitch events. I sent out a total of 14 queries, and responses are beginning to trickle in. Every rejection stings a little and makes me seriously doubt the quality of my manuscript, but then I remind myself that all of my beta readers liked the story and I've already gotten one full request. I know it only takes one "yes", but I'm not ready to hear ninety-nine "no"s.  
Thankfully, throwing myself into revisions on my current work-in-progress has kept me busy enough to not obsessively check my email every two minutes looking for responses to my queries. Already, I can see my story telling getting better. The protaganist has to make lots of hard choices and keeps getting into more and more dangerous situations. This first pass revising is pretty fun making this story I'm so passionate about really start to shine.

After I finished my first manuscript, I thought I didn't have another great story in me. I had been so passionate about the setting in that first novel, it felt impossible to recreate that spark. I was done. My creativity was spent. I had to actually go searching for inspiration for this novel, but once I found it, all the details fell quickly in place. Surprisingly, I'd say I like this novel even better than the first. Of course, I still would like to see that first book published.

Family and friends who know that I wrote that first book have asked if I've kept writing. Of course I have. Writing has been addictive. After sitting down mid-April last year and typing the first few words, not only did I finish it, I wrote a second book, and then a third one. My current work-in-progress is actually the fourth novel I've drafted. Even if I can't get any cleaning or laundry done while watching the kids, they at least tolerate me typing away at my laptop in their rooms or the backyard while they play. And so another imaginary world unfolds in my mind, waiting to get written and perhaps one day read and enjoyed.

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