July 13, 2016

Did it Again

I had decided that I was done with Twitter pitch parties for the manuscript I’m submitting right now. I should really focus on revising my current work in progress. All this endless pitching is just a form of procrastination, drawing me away from what I really need to work on.

And then I saw that today was #Pit2Pub, and I figured, what the heck? I’ve already got pitches that have been successful in the past, why not give it a shot? I had mixed feelings as I published the first tweet. I want to hear back from those already holding a copy of my manuscript and am not sure I’m ready for even more rejection. But there’s no real commitment by just putting a tweet out there. Getting a like on a pitch is an invitation to submit, but there’s no expectation either way.

Within a minute I got a retweet. Then another after a couple more. A half hour into the event, I’ve already had three likes by independent publishers, which is what I’m really looking for.

Even though I’ve got a success pitch, I really hope my novel will be successful too. I’ve heard the recommendation of submitting a project for a year before shelving it. I haven’t been at this that long yet. In fact, I’ve got plenty of time before I hit that mile post.

But right now I should get back to work. Revisions have been rough. It’s easier then the first project I revised since I’ve gotten better at drafting. My characters have been a little more consistent this time, but the first draft had a serious lack of setting and world building.

So, enough musing for now. Back to work.

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