April 7, 2017

Book Review: The Moonborn by D.F. Lovett

The Moonborn: or, Moby-Dick on the Moon by D.F. Lovett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adam Moonborn was the first man born on the moon and a self-proclaimed lunatic. The Moonborn follows Ishmael, who is hired to ghostwrite an autobiography for Moonborn. Through Ishmael's eyes, the reader experiences his first trip to settlements on the moon.

At first, I thought the pacing was a little slow, but within the first few pages, I was so fascinated by this new world and the characters in it, that I couldn't put the book down. The writing style is reminiscent of classical literature yet blends well with the sci-fi setting.

Moonborn is probably the most intoxicating part of the book. He's an intriguing man with a skewed perception of the truth. Throughout the book, he makes several speeches which give the reader an unobstructed view of this complex character.

Confession: I've never read the original Moby Dick. Even so, I was able to thoroughly enjoy this book. Whether or not you like classic literature, I highly recommend The Moonborn.

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