August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse

Thank goodness for NASA (photos for this post and website background are from them) for capturing excellent images of today's total solar eclipse. I did my best to get pictures using my phone and a cereal box viewer, but they aren't exactly high-quality images. That and where I live, we only got an 85% eclipse.

Since we didn't have the foresight to get the special glasses before they were all gone, I helped the kids make viewers to see the sun using cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, and tape. We all went across the street the field at the elementary school where we could get an unobstructed view. There were a few other groups of people there with their homemade contraptions and special glasses.

It's natural phenomena like this that really inspire me as a writer. What would happen if the sun didn't come back? What if all the planets were aligned? Would eclipses on other worlds be events for celebration or fear?

Science Fiction writing was a natural choice for me since I frequently find inspiration in space, technology, and math. I also love to try and answer the question: What if...?

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