February 12, 2018

Book Review: Our Last Night by Taylor Adams

Our Last Night by Taylor Adams
My Rating: ★★★★

Dan doesn’t really believe in ghosts, god, or the paranormal, even though he’s the host of a popular ghost-hunting show. But when his fiancĂ©e passes away suddenly in an accident, he desperately wants to believe in something.

He seeks out a notoriously haunted Russian firearm, which is apparently cursed and has caused every previous owner kill themselves. Once he has the gun, the being that haunts it digs deep into Dan’s brain, chasing him through his memories.

This book started out great, completely pulling the rug out from underneath the reader. But after the initial shock, I could easily accept the strange rules in the world and all the tension evaporated. There are some cool connections between Dan’s memories and cases he’s investigated for his show, and the ‘gasman’ is delightfully creepy and threatening.

I was kind of disappointed by the ending. Spoiler: After all the danger and turmoil Dan goes through, the conclusion is uncharacteristically happy with everything neatly resolved. But the wild ride through Dan’s subconscious is exciting and makes this book a worthy read.

If you like ghost stories or paranormal thrillers, then you’ll enjoy reading Our Last Night.

Since Mental Contact is a psychological thriller at heart, I wanted to read something in that wheelhouse. I missed the mark a little, mistaking ‘paranormal’ as ‘psychological.’ Paranormal isn’t really my thing. To be honest, I lost some serious sleep while reading this book since I usually read right before going to bed. I’m glad I read Our Last Night, but I’ll be more careful about what type of thriller I pick up next.

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