November 6, 2018

Today is Release Day for In the Lurch

One day I thought to myself, I’m a sci-fi writer. I should really write a book with robots in it. At that point, I decided my next would include robots. Tossing around the idea in my head, I imagined a future where androids were common. Early on, I decided that the robots would be more like a machine executing procedures than a human-like being with advanced A.I. which could function as a person. The robots I developed would be able to do all the boring, manual tasks that people perform, except they don’t require time off, food, health benefits, etc. They would be the perfect employee.

A sophisticated piece of technology like that would have to be expensive. But once there were a few, they could make more robots, and soon there would be a robot army. Of course, I wasn’t interested in a man vs. machine story. Most likely, only incredibly rich people would be able to afford them, and once the wealthy owned enough robots and resources, they wouldn’t need to employ people. Basically, I took the current economic disparity in the United States and dialed it up to an eleven.

Once I had the world fleshed out, I decided that the actual storyline should follow two people: Leona, who lived on a beautiful estate with tons of robots at her disposal, and Roemell, who was poor and destitute like most of humanity. In order to highlight the vast difference between how these two people live, I wanted something to happen which would remove all of Leona’s wealth. With the addition of terrorists, I was well on my way to crafting an exciting story.

I was so excited about this story, I breezed through the first draft and edits. Ultimately, I got so attached to the characters and their world that I’ve been able to keep going, writing the second installment and recently starting on the third.

I’m so delighted to share this novel with everyone and sincerely hope that people enjoy reading it! In the Lurch can be purchased in the following formats:

Thank you to all my fans, followers, and anyone who’s read one of my books. You’re the ones who inspire me to keep writing and continue following my dreams.

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