June 11, 2019

Release Day for my First Puzzle Book: Mystery of the Spaceship and the Missing Crew

As always, I’ve piled too many things into too small a time frame. I’m doing the big launch of my first Puzzling Escapes book at Galactic-Con on Saturday, June 15th, but I didn’t want to roll both the book launch and my post-mortem of the con into one mega post. And since I had to make my puzzle book available in advance in order to stock up copies for the convention this weekend, I thought I’d gush about my new book first!

While at a comic con last year, I stood at my table greeting attendees while also thinking about the kinds of things con-goers might enjoy. This particular con had an escape room, which I thought was a great idea since I love escape rooms. I’ve played a number of escape room board games and really enjoyed them. They are something that I imagine would sell well at a comic con. Then, the idea of making an escape room puzzle book hit me. I had never designed a board game before, but I do have experience publishing books.

I was so excited about this idea that I pushed aside the other projects I had planned to work on and focused on this one first. Coming up with puzzles and tying them together into a narrative was a ton of fun. The framework of how the book would flow was a lot of work to put together, but now that I’ve got all the pieces assembled, making another Puzzling Escapes book will be much faster.

The book is available now on Amazon. I’ll have signed copies for sale on my website soon, so keep your eyes out for that. I hope people really enjoy playing through this book. If you do, let me know and I’ll get to work on another installment.

As always, I have to give you, my readers, a heartfelt thank-you. Your love and encouragement have inspired me to keep writing and publishing, and with your continued support, I’ll get to keep doing what I love. Thank you!

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