September 9, 2019

Announcing my Next Book: Trapped in the Bookstore

When I launched my first Puzzling Escapes book, I was surprised how well it did right from the start. It’s been popular both on Amazon and at my last few events. Since it’s been so well received, I decided to bump up the production of the next Puzzling Escapes installment and am excited to announce that Puzzling Escapes: Trapped in the Bookstore will release on November 6th, 2019!

In the historic part of town sits Athena Booksellers, a quaint little bookstore. You and your friend David decide to go inside when you get caught in a sudden downpour. But after being in the store for only a few minutes, you notice that everyone else has left and the doors are locked. With no way of contacting anyone outside, you must solve the puzzles scattered around the bookstore in order to get out.

Inspired by escape rooms, Puzzling Escapes locks the reader in a rich and fascinating scenario full of riddles and clues. Grab a pencil and a group of friends—or jump in alone—and try to escape. Solve the wide variety of puzzles in any order, all in one go or in several sittings. If you get stuck, you can ask your friend David for a hint, or even have him solve the puzzle for you. Everything is contained in this book, so there’s no need for a special app or internet connection.

Since I already worked out a lot of the structure and formatting for the first book, this one come together rather quickly. I have a few ideas of scenarios that would lend well to an escape-room-style book, and I decided on a bookstore for this one. Perhaps my local bookstore would like to carry a few copies. But even beyond the sales opportunities, I love the setting and puzzles for this one and hope you do too!

If you’re not a huge fan of logic puzzles, don’t worry, my following book will be another sci-fi thriller.

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