November 6, 2019

Today is Release Day for Puzzling Escapes: Trapped in the Bookstore!

After launching Puzzling Escapes: Mystery of the Spaceship and the Missing Crew, I jumped into a new sci-fi novel. But when sales for my puzzle book really took off, I decided to set the new fiction book aside and focus on another Puzzling Escapes installment.

I had a few fun ideas for scenarios that would be exciting to escape, and ultimately picked the idea that aligned most with my own interests: a bookstore. I’m sure all of my other ideas will eventually get featured in other Puzzling Escapes books.

Since I had already put together an escape room style puzzle book, this one came together a lot faster. I’m so glad I was able to reach my November 6th deadline because that also gives me the time to focus on my next sci-fi novel for NaNoWriMo.

If you enjoy logic puzzles, escape rooms, or need a gift for someone who does, check out my new book, Puzzling Escapes: Trapped in the Bookstore!

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