January 20, 2020

New Project: Journals

I feel like I have a million irons in the fire—many of which I’m not quite ready to share. But, I’ve got a new venture I’d like to announce!

One of the creative parts that I love about producing books is making gorgeous covers, and as a writer, I use a lot of journals. So, I decided to combine these two in order to create a line of journals that will be available through Amazon. To keep these new journals separate from my novels and puzzle books, I will be publishing them under a new brand: Journalu Press.

I’ve read a lot about publishing journals, and through my research, I have found countless self-publishers who create diaries, notebooks, bullet journals, planners, etc. My plan is to bring something unique to the table—or at least cool. There are already some pretty crazy items on the market, like this kitten riding a sloth riding an alpaca. My initial lineup contains some simple designs in a variety of bright colors. I’m also open to suggestions if there’s a type of journal you would like to see!

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