March 23, 2020

Quality DNA Now Available as Audiobook

It feels like I got the ball rolling on this project just the other day, but in reality, I started seriously looking into creating an audiobook for one of my novels in January. Instead of starting with my debut book, I decided to do my favorite novel, Quality DNA. Fortunately, the process went really smoothly: I quickly found the perfect narrator, she did an amazing job recording and producing the audio, and now it's available on Amazon! If you'd like to grab a copy, it's available here:

I can't fully express how excited I am about this endeavor. I've spoken to so many people who have much more time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts than to read a physical book, so I hope this helps some new people discover my work. If Quality DNA does well in audiobook, I'll look into doing this for some of my other books as well.

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