October 12, 2020

New Launch: A Haunted House Puzzling Escapes Book

Since my last book update, my third Puzzling Escapes book launched, I started working on another one, and am ready to launch the new one as well. I figured October would be a good time to release this book, and I hope you like it!

What was supposed to be a simple visit to an old house has turned into a nightmare. As soon as you get inside, the door slams shut behind you, leaving you and your friend Bang trapped. As you struggle to find a way back out, strange things keep happening, and you're pretty sure you saw a ghost. Will you be able to solve all the puzzles to escape the haunted house or will you get trapped forever?

Inspired by escape rooms, Puzzling Escapes locks the reader in a rich and fascinating scenario full of riddles and clues. Grab a pencil and a group of friends—or jump in alone—and try to escape. Solve the wide variety of puzzles in any order, all in one go or in several sittings. If you get stuck, you can ask your friend Bang for a hint or even have him solve the puzzle for you. Everything is contained in this book so there’s no need for a special app or internet connection.

Update: The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane has been listed as one of the best escape room books of 2022 by Escape Room Data. Check out the full list here:

Escape Room Data:
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