April 19, 2021

Novel Rereleases and New Puzzling Escapes Adventure

The pandemic has not been great for my productivity. Supervising two kids 24/7 and facilitating virtual school for an entire year has been a huge struggle. The school has finally invited students to attend in person--for two days a week--and it feels like I can finally breathe a little.

I haven't had the time or energy to write very much. I've slowly worked on a couple Puzzling Escapes books and helped format a number of other writers' books, but the focus required to write an entire novel has escaped me. There are a number of stories I want to write, and now that I have a bit of time to myself, I can dedicate myself to them.

Currently, I'm working on the next Puzzling Escapes installment. This one has the reader solve a mystery rather than escape a situation. The idea of a treasure hunt sparked my interest and after a little research, I fell in love with the Florentine Diamond. So far the book has lots of puzzles and some narrative, which means there's still a lot of work to be done before it releases.

There are a couple of novels I've written that I failed to market. After the debacle around the release of Quality DNA, I was pretty burnt by Amazon and unwilling to market my work at all. My next two novels launched with little fanfare. Only when I released In the Lurch did I feel ready to tackle advertising again. To keep things simple, I only brought a few titles to events, and since the two forgotten novels never sold well online, I decided not to bring them to events, further sealing the books as commercial failures.

I'm excited to bring these novels back as new editions with fresh covers. I even gave At Fault a new title: The Earthquake Anomaly, which better represents what the story is about.

Both of these books will release on May 1st. If you'd like a reminder on release day, you can sign up for my newsletter.

I'm looking forward to tackling all the stories zipping around in my head. And of course, I especially look forward to sharing them with you.

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