February 20, 2023

My Favorite Pets on Adopt Me: Because Why Not?

I posted recently about how I started playing Roblox with my kids last year and listed some of my favorite games. The game that I play the most on the platform is Adopt Me, an adorable game where you roleplay as families and raise cute pets. I wanted to share a little more of my love for the game by featuring a few of my favorite pets that I have collected in the game.

Functionally, all the pets are the same. They all have the same needs, and you do the same things to take care of them. Mostly, the difference between any two pets is how they look and their animations.

Lunar White Tiger

I started playing Roblox around Chinese new year 2022, and the Lunar Tiger was the featured Adopt me Pet at that time. Their model is absolutely adorable, and I love their sweet wide faces. The Lunar White Tiger is particularly striking with its two colors. The stripes are black on the normal pet, but I had to be extra and make the neon version with pink stripes.

Snow Cat

Only a year ago, we lost our most wonderful pet kitty named #1. She was a truly special cat who lived to snuggle and purr, so of course I fell in love with her virtual twin. I actually collected sixteen copies of the Snow Cat and combined them to make this rainbow-neon version.


Gingerbread Reindeer

All you needed to do to secure the Gingerbread Reindeer in Adopt Me was log into the game on December 25th and collect the calendar prize from the special winter zone. The little Gingerbread Reindeer stood proudly at the top of the calendar all month, so there was a lot of anticipation for its release.


Certain pets are much harder to get than others, and I think that’s a big reason I love the Chameleon so much. Or course, his handsome green stripes do help! Players receive random tasks which give prizes when they’re completed. One of the rare tasks is to make a neon pet—which in itself is hard to do! The prize for this task is a special box, and 4% of the time the box drops this incredibly special legendary pet. Needless to say, I adore this little lizard.


Evil Basilisk

Adopt Me has tons of great spooky pets for Halloween, but I decided to limit myself to just one. There’s only one other snake in the game (a cobra), but the Basilisk with its fat body reminds me of my daughter’s pet python. I could have gotten the more friendly-looking Basilisk, but instead opted for the scary one with black scales and glowing red eyes.



My favorite character in the classic claymation Rudolf movie is the abominable snow monster. I even have a small plushie version that sits on our Christmas tree every year. The Adopt Me has its own unique version of the classic snow monster. The Yeti is much bigger than the other pets and ambles around more like a big oaf than a brooding monster.


Adopt Me always has a limited egg in the pet nursery which hatches into a special type of pet. For a while, the theme of the limited egg was woodland pets. There was a cardinal, a deer, a hawk, a salamander, and a few other animals common in North American woodlands. I instantly fell in love with the ‘ugly’ bullfrog. Although all the pets in the game have fairly round bodies and big heads, these features fit perfectly with bullfrogs. Another feature all the pets share is a lack of legs and oddly floating feet. Somehow, without legs, the Bullfrog still looks much like a frog and hops happily around the game map.

Thanks for indulging me in my little nerd-out over virtual pets in a children’s video game. Although I’ve always been passionate about video games and enjoyed watching people play and Twitch streams, only after playing Roblox did I find games that I could really engage with. I get frustrated easily with video games and am glad I found a platform for games that don’t rely on skill in order to have fun.

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