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In the Midst


Roemell and Leona thought they were finished with the woman who terrorized the West Coast… until all the video evidence against her gets corrupted. Unless they can come up with more evidence, the assassin who burned down Leona’s home and murdered her father will go free. Leona refuses to let that happen, so she and Roemell decide to travel to the capital and testify in order for justice to be served.

What was supposed to be a quick flight across the country becomes a perilous journey. After their robot gets hacked, an airplane crashes, and the pair are abducted, they suspect it’s something more than simple bad luck. There are larger forces at work trying to stop them at any cost.

Immediately following the events of In the Lurch, In the Midst is the second installment of this exciting cyberpunk series.

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In the Lurch

"The differences in living conditions between poor and rich were painful and the story was intense enough to make me keep reading without wanting to stop to sleep, eat, or work."

"I LOVED the opening scene; it reminded me of Blade Runner 2049."

You've been replaced.

Once a machine could do as much work as three men, the labor force was quickly replaced by much more efficient androids. As the number of robots grew, jobs disappeared, and everyone in the middle class found themselves obsolete. The wealthiest few prosper, but most of humanity was thrown into extreme poverty.

Leona lives a life of privilege, while Roemell never knows where his next meal will come from. A terrorist group—the lurch—starts targeting wealthy estates, burning them to the ground. Leona and Roemell find themselves thrown together, both having lost everything dear to them. Will they be able to stop the terrorists, or will all of humanity get left in the lurch?

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Quality DNA

"Fast-paced and thrilling, Quality DNA will keep you desperately turning its pages until the very end."
—Megan Tennant, author of Aletheia

"Great diversity, very real characters, and a suspenseful plot make this book a great read."
—Anna Kopp, author of Rise of the Chosen

"Quality DNA feels but a blink away from our own world."
—J. Darris Mitchell, author of Interstellar Spring

He will do anything to make the perfect human. She will do anything to uncover the truth.

In 2059, every person’s DNA is recorded in the Genome Database. Even though Annette’s perfect baby girl was the product of a one night stand, she knows the database will give her the name of the sexy stranger who fathered her child. Instead, her baby’s DNA matches that of a man she’s never met who died several years ago.

Irene works at the Social Department and is assigned Annette’s case. When more and more instances of births that don’t make sense and babies who shouldn’t exist cross her desk, she realizes there’s something deeper going on. Her investigation sucks her into a sinister organization with a single goal in mind.

Misguided matchmaking. Deranged medical experiments. Outright terrorism. All in the name of finding one elusive thing: Quality DNA.

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The End of Refuge

"The characters and the story exceeded my wildest expectations"

"Captivating! You won't be able to put this book down."

Animated Cover for The End of Refuge
The only thing worse than living in a bomb shelter is dying there.

Isolated from the rest of the world, the inhabitants of the shelter called Refuge have been trapped underground for over 20 years.

At 19, Juliet has always called Refuge home. Despite her atypical surroundings, she strives to live a normal life. She just finished school, started a new job, and fell into her first romance. But when she receives a message from outside the shelter, her life begins to crumble. The safe haven she believed in is a lie and her future is doomed. The end is coming and she can't stop it.

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Mental Contact

Mental Contact Animated Cover
I see things that aren't really there. Well, not things. Just her. Lola.

Stranded on a small planetary system, gazing at the stars is the only thing that brings Jake any joy. When he was a child, he dreamed of exploring those stars by becoming a warp spaceship pilot just like his father. But when delusions started invading his thoughts, his aspirations for the future evaporated.

Even through his heavily medicated haze, Jake starts seeing Lola again. Instead of heeding his doctor's advice, he stops taking his medication altogether.

Following Lola through the planetary system, Jake discovers just how dangerous his delusions have become. She lures him to a small, icy planet which has a dark secret. Not everything can be seen, and not everything seen can be trusted.

Mental Contact is a psychological thriller set in outer space that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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