June 5, 2017

Comic Cons, Here I Come!

When I learned that there was a comic book convention close to my home, I knew I'd be going. I've only been to a couple conventions in the past--this little one in Atlanta called Dragoncon and Blizzcon one year back when we lived in California. I'm really excited for this upcoming one because it's family friendly (and I have kids now) and won't be the same mega-scale as the others. I can stand hundreds or thousands of like-minded people, but tens of thousands of fans crammed in the same venue gets a little claustrophobic.

Also, there's the fact that I am an author now which gives events like this a whole new level. I'm now a content creator, which means this would be an excellent opportunity to share (ehem, SELL) my novels. Naturally, my first instinct was to sign up for a table.

I'm a total newb at this, so I wasn't entirely sure how the whole thing works. I may have gone a little overboard trying to contact the organizers. I stalked their social media and followed the event wherever I could. I guess you could say it paid off because I'm on the wait-list for a table, which sounds promising! (Update: I'll have a table at my local comic con and book festival this year!)

Being a total planner--I've already done a bunch of research on what's needed for tabling at an event. I've mocked up a banner and signed up for PayPal Here. I also got a sellers' permit so I can charge tax in my state (yay?). I've got carts full of goodies on Amazon and VistaPrint.

I'll keep you all posted on the details of all my convention activities. I'll announce when I have more plans made!

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