January 17, 2023

New Short Story and Plans for 2023

Happy New Year, 2023!

I’m the kind of person who gets excited for the new year and new beginnings. I have so many plans and goals for 2023 and wanted to share a few of them.

First of all, I wrapped up 2022 by publishing my short story "Inter Reality". It’s a fun and thought-provoking piece that follows a woman who wakes up every day in a different reality. Currently, you can snag a copy from Amazon or Apple Books.

I’m ecstatic to finally announce my next novel, Memory Clear, which will release in spring 2023. Marco Sinclair is a scientist who developed a drug that erases targeted memories. In the opening of Memory Clear, Marco has just discovered an antidote that reverses the effect of the memory-erasing drug, allowing the person who takes it to recall all of their forgotten memories. When Marco takes his antidote, tons of events from the past flood his consciousness, forcing him to reconcile with events of the past and the unscrupulous man he has become.

I have finished writing Memory Clear and am in the middle of edits. I’ve already scheduled my editor, so this book will come out this year.

Another project I’m working on, which I should be able to publish this year, is the next Puzzling Escapes adventure. I’ve already been working on this book for a while and had to set it aside a few times, but I plan to wrap it up and have it ready for a fall release. This one is a little different from the previous books. All the current Puzzling Escapes books have the reader trapped in a scenario. For the next one, the reader will be traveling the world as they try to solve the mystery of a lost diamond.

For a while now, I’ve been drawing mazes as a hobby. My hand-drawn ones are pretty simple, but I had the idea of making a hedge maze video game on Roblox. Typically, I’m pretty terrible at video games, so I joke that the only video game I really enjoy playing is one suited for children. But in reality, Roblox is a lot of fun, and I have a blast playing games with my kids. Creating games for Roblox is a little more accessible to someone like me who has limited coding knowledge/experience. The studio tools also make it super easy to build environments, and my new maze game is really coming together.

I have more plans, hopes, and dreams for 2023, but I’ll stop here before I get ahead of myself. Aside from attending Richmond Galaxy Con, I don’t have concrete event plans in place. I’ll get into why that is a bit in the future! Until then, let’s enjoy the promises of another new year.

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