January 23, 2023

Roblox Games Worth Checking Out Today

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I’m quickly coming up to my one-year anniversary of joining Roblox. I initially got into the game at the behest of my kids, and now I play it almost as much as they do. Not only is it a great online platform with family-friendly content, but it also has free and accessible tools for you to make your own game. I’m currently putting together a maze game where players can go complete mazes to earn trophies. When I’m not building and coding my own game, here are the primary games that I enjoy—and you should check out.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is my favorite game by far, and for good reason! In the game, players raise and collect pets. You can also make families where some people play as parents and others play as babies. Although taking care of pets and babies is the core gameplay, you can also role-play in jobs, build and decorate houses, collect vehicles, and more.

My real-life cat gets jealous when I play this game. I imagine she’s asking, “Why would Mom play a game raising computer pets when she has me?” So, I typically find myself playing Adopt Me while also cuddling my kitty.

Start a Newspaper

…and get revenge! There are many Tycoon games on Roblox similar to start a newspaper. In start a newspaper, you build your news office in an old warehouse, hire friends to write articles, then deliver papers by grabbing them and taking them on your rusty bike to the post office.

Although this game is nothing like starting a newspaper, it touches my little publisher heart. The theming is super cute, and the game is overall really fun to play as you rush around to fill printers with ink, grab papers off the press, and watch the dramatic cut-scene of when you receive your bills in the mail.

Dig to OHIO

There is a trend right now of new games where players must dig a hole to a certain place. I guess Ohio is the current place kids like to make fun of. You play by throwing as many bombs at the ground as you can. As they blow away dirt, you place bombs lower and lower until you break through on the other side. Making it to your destination gets you points which you can use to buy better bombs.

Aside from the silly destination, Dig to OHIO is my favorite of the dig-a-hole style games. The rebirth system and store work well, and there are usually lots of other people playing, so you can work together to get to your destination faster.

Color Block

Who knew such a simple idea for a game could be so much fun? Kind of like the classic game Twister, the floor has blocks of different colors, and when a color is called, you need to move to that color. If you don’t move to a square with the correct color before time runs out, the squares without that color disappear, you fall, and you’re out. The player who makes it through the most rounds of play wins.

Considering that I don’t have the fastest hand/eye coordination, I actually do pretty well on Color Block. Plus, there are all kinds of different play modes, including low gravity, underwater, and unicorn.

Mall Tycoon

Not only does this game allow you to build and customize your own mall, but you can also explore the shopping center you and your friends build. Some stores will let you try new hairstyles, put on a suit, sample shampoo—which makes bubbles appear constantly around your head, and wear accessories. By the time you finish browsing the mall, your character will be decked out with their new wares and likely look absolutely ridiculous. Just beware of getting a bad massage at the massage parlor: your character will walk slower and hunched over until you log back in!

There are many other games on the Roblox platform that I play. I typically go through phases where I’ll play a specific game a bunch and then won’t play it again for a while. I definitely went through a YouTube Simulator phase and a short Bloxy Bingo obsession. I’ll update again when I’m ready to launch my maze game, although that might not be for a while.


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