December 1, 2023

Introducing December's Theme: Gentle Snow

Although I’m sad to see fall come to an end, I’m excited for the beautiful crispness of winter to take hold. So, to embrace the upcoming winter, my theme this December will be “Gentle Snow.” From the peaceful, serene snow-covered landscapes to the cozy indoor activities, welcome the new season with me as we celebrate the joys of winter.

Chemistry shows that water molecules are extraordinary, expanding into unique crystalline structures as they change from liquid to solid. The geometry of the crystals dictates the stunning six-sided shapes they form, creating the infinite patterns we know as snowflakes. As a challenge, I’ve made some fun six-sided mazes in snowflake shapes, which I’ll be sharing on Mondays.

As parts of the Northern Hemisphere get covered in a soft, white blanket, I invite you to join me in celebrating the quiet magic of freshly fallen snow. From cozy indoor activities tagged with #letitsnow to writing tips on weaving the whimsy of weather into your stories, there's a flurry of excitement ahead. And don't miss the special snow-inspired stories I’ll be sharing throughout the month.

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