February 1, 2024

February's Theme: Love's Labyrinth

I don’t ever get overly romantic and sappy, but I’m willing to make an exception for Valentine’s Day. So for February, I wanted to embrace everything romantic with the theme: “Love’s Labyrinth: A Month of Romance and Puzzles”! This month, I’m going to explore the many facets of love, not just through the lens of romance, but also through more fun mazes and science-fiction stories. To get all the goodies I’ll be sharing this month, you can either sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or X.

Although I write primarily science-fiction and thrillers, that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of adding a dash of love and romance to my books. Throughout the month, I'll be featuring some of my favorite scenes about love that I've written.  I've included a couple kisses and professions of love that I think you'll enjoy!

There are also tons of great Sci-Fi movies that beautifully blend futuristic vistas with the timeless theme of love. Join me on Fridays to rewatch some classics, along with a few unexpected choices that show how love can transcend time, space, and reality.

I've had so much fun crafting weekly mazes the past couple of months, that I’ve decided to keep it going.  To keep with the love theme, this month’s mazes include a few hearts and a saccharine-sweet kiss. Let me know if you’re enjoying the mazesand if you think they’re too easy or too hard.

I’ll also keep posting my weekly writing tips. Each tip this month will focus on writing romance and relationships, including the often-overlooked platonic and familial bonds.

February is a great time to celebrate love in all its forms. So, whether you’re a hardcore romantic, a puzzle enthusiast, or a sci-fi aficionado, there’s something here for everyone. Join me this month as we dive into “Love’s Labyrinth”!

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