February 12, 2024

Launching a New Adventure: The Starship Blunder Shared Universe Project

I'm thrilled to announce a brand-new project I’ve been working on this year: the Starship Blunder Shared Universe! This anthology will be more than a collection of stories; it's the beginning of an entire universe waiting to be explored and expanded. I want to invite you all to be a part of this creative journey with me!

What is Starship Blunder?

The spacecraft Starship Blunder travels through the cosmos, manned by a crew of misfits and adventurers. The universe brims with humor, heart, and the endless possibilities of space. The bumbling crew do their best with the old, patched-up ship, but mishaps and hilarity crop up at every turn.

I’ve set up a website for this shared universe at starshipblunder.xyz. Read all the info on the site to learn more about the universe of Starship Blunder and get acquainted with her crew.

Open for Submissions

If you feel inspired by the world I’ve created, I would love to read your stories! Whether you're an established writer or someone who's just starting out, your voice matters in this cosmos. Craft your tale set aboard the Starship Blunder, on distant planets, or amidst the stars.

For detailed submission guidelines, including themes, payment, and deadlines, visit the Starship Blunder website.

Join the Journey

This is more than a call for submissions; it's an invitation to a community of creators. By contributing to the Starship Blunder universe, you'll be part of a collaborative storytelling adventure, with your work published alongside others in this unique shared universe.

So, grab your writing tools and join me on this interstellar voyage. Let's fill the Starship Blunder universe with stories as boundless and brilliant as the stars themselves!

Thank you, everyone, for joining me on this journey!

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