April 1, 2024

Introducing “Badger Camp”

Like many authors, I use writing challenges to help me stay motivated when drafting a new novel. Since a number of writers are distancing themselves from NaNoWriMo, the writers on the “Write All the Words” discord group thought it would be fun to create a new writing challenge where we can set our own writing goals and support each other as we try to reach those goals.

Introducing: Badger Camp

Badger Camp is a writing challenge for the month of April. You can set your own writing goal for those 30 days, whether it’s a total word count goal for the month or a certain number of words per week or day. To participate, all you need to do is:

  1. Set a writing goal for April.
  2. Announce that writing goal to someone.
  3. Support (or badger!) a writing friend to also reach their goal.

My Badger Camp Goal

I’ll be working on my work-in-progress, a sci-fi novel with the working title “Deep Freeze.” I want to write 1500 new words for the project five days a week, giving me a total word count goal of 30,000 words for Badger Camp.

How to Join Badger Camp

Since this is the first Badger Camp, we’re playing around with ideas before making anything too formal. However, if you are looking for a supportive writing community, you are welcome to join Write All the Words. We’d love to hear what your writing goals are for the month, and we’ll gently badger you to reach them!

Read more about Badger Camp on the Badger Camp website—there are also some free tools on the site to help you on your writing journey.

I hope some writers find Badger Camp and the tools we’ve created for it useful. Even if you don’t join our writing discord, feel free to tag me with your writing goals! I’m @bethmartinbooks on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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