May 1, 2024

May's Theme: Engineering in Writing

This month, I’m shifting focus from GET ALL THE WORD DOWN (learn more about Badger Camp in my previous post—we’ll be doing another Badger Camp soon, so stay tuned!) to creating intentional and intricate stories using the power of engineering. My math background is engineering adjacent, and I hung out with lots of engineers in college. I’ve always found the meticulous problem-solving and innovative thinking that defines the field inspiring, so I’m featuring “Engineering in Writing” for the month of May.

Engineering principles can facilitate many aspects of creative writing. From constructing complex characters, charting their relationships with one another, plotting out a twisty narrative, and puzzling together the many elements of a story, writers often wear the hat of an engineer. I want to explore how engineering concepts relate to writing and other creative processes and how writers can use them to make more effective and engaging stories.

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