In the Lurch

"The differences in living conditions between poor and rich were painful and the story was intense enough to make me keep reading without wanting to stop to sleep, eat, or work."

"I LOVED the opening scene; it reminded me of Blade Runner 2049."

You've been replaced.

Once a machine could do as much work as three men, the labor force was quickly replaced by much more efficient androids. As the number of robots grew, jobs disappeared, and everyone in the middle class found themselves obsolete. The wealthiest few prosper, but most of humanity was thrown into extreme poverty.

Leona lives a life of privilege, while Roemell never knows where his next meal will come from. A terrorist group—the lurch—starts targeting wealthy estates, burning them to the ground. Leona and Roemell find themselves thrown together, both having lost everything dear to them. Will they be able to stop the terrorists, or will all of humanity get left in the lurch?

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