April 2, 2019

Today is Release Day for In the Midst

When I was getting ready to release my first book, a few people told me I should consider writing a sequel since series sell better than stand-alone novels. If you’ve read The End of Refuge, you already know that the story doesn’t really have series potential. I did have a multi-book arc in mind when writing Mental Contact, but ultimately, I really love crafting stand-alone stories. I’ve always wanted to write a series, so when I got to the end of writing In the Lurch, I added a hook for a second book.

There was so much of the world of In the Lurch I didn’t get to explore in the first novel, so in the next book, I wanted the characters to travel a bit and show how other people might have dealt with the polarized economic situation. I also included a plane crash and deepened the terrorism operation a bit, both of which were a lot of fun to write. And I have a lot of cool ideas for future novels since Leona and Roemell’s story isn’t finished.

The first draft for In the Midst took me a bit longer than my other novels. I had full intentions of writing it in six weeks, but this project took me closer to six months. I was fortunate that I was writing the book alongside a number of other members in my writing group, and we were able to keep each other accountable and get feedback along the way.

You can jump straight into In the Midst, but I recommend reading In the Lurch first, mostly because it’s an awesome book. I really hope people enjoy this novel and all the future installments to the series.

I have to give a big thank you to all of my readers and fans. It’s so wonderful to hear people enjoy my books, and that alone keeps me writing.

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